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I’m Farooq

I’m Top Rated Upwork Freelancer Since 2014

I’m an author, an artist, an educator, and an entrepreneur. I write; I design, and I code. I’m heading towards Doctorate in Literature. I’m serving mankind the way I was brought up. In the darkness I encounter, I try to lit the candles my way.
Hello, I’m Farooq, the Passionate. And I’m Online for the people like me. For the people who need me. My words, colors and codes are for you.
My family and friends asked me to share what I learnt, observed, went through, tried, and enjoyed since my childhood.
I have stories to tell. Stories that will convince you and motivate you. I have passion to share. Passion that will lift you up.
My YouTube Channel’s art depicts a few areas of my life. I love tea, and those around me know it all. I’m Education Lover. I love Knowledge. I’m a digital artist. Thanks to Adobe and CorelDraw. I’m passionate about Photography. I served in an Advertising Agency for 8 years as Director Creative and Productions.I’m social. I’m Farooq, the passionate.

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